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Meraluna Logo 11 .-12. August 2018 Hildesheim
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Gothic Garden

The Gothic Garden, an oasis of calm right in front of the festival infield offers demanding festival-goers comfort, space and conveniences to make your stay more exclusive, pleasant and more relaxing. A garden in the middle of the festival: The Gothic Garden


On request of the Daphnis Phobos & Ganymed housing visitors we expand the offer by separate sanitary facilities with water flushed toilets and showers. We also improved the appearance and visibility so we proudly announce: the Gothic Garden is born!


All amenities of the Gothic Garden at a glance:

  • Preferred entrance
  • Separate areal with limited capacity (max. 400 visitors)
  • Parking lot next to the Gothic Garden
  • Paved paths and elegantly illuminated primary routes
  • Separate water flushed toilets and showers
  • Daily garbage collection and enough trashcans (therefore you don’t have to pay a deposit)
  • Wi-Fi*
  • Electricity (240 Volt – max. 1000 W)*
  • The festival pass is of course included in the Gothic Garden ticket