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THE PRODIGY complete our Line Up!

18.01.2018 Yes, dear friends - we're complete! And not just that, our #mera18 Line Up will be ccrowned by a visit of Britains Firestarters and Breakbeat visionaries THE PRODIGY! Following their fantastic debut in 2009, the Rave legends of „The Prodigy“ will be headlining M’era Luna Festival for the second time.

With their iconic track “Firestarter” the Big Beat pioneers fueled a revolution in electronic music that united fans of different genres on the dancefloor for the first time. But also their live performances excite fans regardless of their musical provenance: The Prodigy’s celebrated and intense show at M’era Luna 2009 is still etched in the collective mind of the Black Scene. Since then, the British trio has continued to prove that they’ve got more than enough energy for numerous other sonic milestones: Their latest album “The Day Is My Enemy” dominated the charts in several countries, the sheer force of their music and provoking lyrics continues to leave their mark on the zeitgeist.

Furthermore we're looking forward toPeter Heppner, London After Midnight, Merciful Nuns, Heimataerde, Torul, FabrikC, Massive Ego, Cephalgy, Schattenmann, Whispering Sons and Too Dead To Die.

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